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2015 Events

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Grand Valley Dressage Show
Grand Junction, CO
October 10, 2015


After a successful run doing ranch versatility all season, Miss Chick was entered in the last dressage show of the season.  We couldn't have been more proud of her.


Miss Chick presented a Western Dressage test (Level 1, Test 2) and scored a 70.946%.  She also presented an English Dressage test (Training Level, Test 3) and scored a 67.955%.  She won both classes.  What a very special filly!  Thank you to Connie Klauser for allowing us to branch her out.  This is what Versatile Equine is all about.  Video of the English test here.

Ranch Versatility Show
Collbran, CO
August 8, 2015

Wow!  What an incredible series!  After participating in all three shows, Daniel walked away with wins in both the Pro and Green Horse Divisions.


Connie Klauser, the owner of Miss Chick, is holding her Green Horse Division win.  Congratulations to you both!

Ranch Versatility Show
Collbran, CO
July 18, 2015


Every year, Collbran hosts a series of 3 Ranch Versatility Shows.  This is the second show of the season.  Daniel is competing on two horses: Slinky and Miss Chick.


Slinky (the sorrel) is shown in the Pro Division.


Miss Chick (the bay) is shown in the Green Horse Division.


These pictures are of the Cow Class. Videos here.

PV Heritage Days
Ranch Horse Classic
Collbran, CO
July 3, 2015


This was the horse's (Cinda's) first show of the season.  It was a sort of extreme cowboy race, but with a ranch focus.  It was incredibly well put on and a very fun show.


Congratulations to Daniel for winning the Open Division.

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