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Bonanza On Ice

Matching Partnerships

Horse ownership is like being in a committed relationship or marriage, for which you never really have enough dates before deciding they are "the one".  Anyone who has ever owned horses can relate!


Consider us as Matchmakers for you and your next partner!

When buying or selling a horse, we believe the most important part is making sure the person and the horse are a good fit: that their relationship is one of partnership.  We want to make sure the horse suits the rider's goals, and that the rider understands what the horse needs to be their best.

Buyer's Agent

Buying a horse can be very exciting!  It can also be frustrating, scary, and confusing, as anyone who has ever bought a horse will know.  Reading the ads, watching the videos, communicating with the seller, asking the right questions, understanding the answers, and that's all before you ever meet the horse!

We are here to help you find your next partner!  We have purchased many horses for ourselves, and have helped many people find horses.  We know the right questions to ask!

Being a Buyer's Agent is a multi-step process:

  1. You fill out this questionnaire.  Your answers will guide us on the search for your next horse.

  2. We call you to relay back what your answers told us, to make sure we are all on the same page.

  3. Then we get to work!  Based on your search criteria, we scour the ads, look at all the videos, and communicate with seller.  If the horse matches what you're looking for, we will send you the horse with our "notes" (notes are areas of concern and any opinion we might have).

Once you have a list of options that you are considering, the next few steps can look differently to different folks:

You coordinate with the seller(s) to travel by yourself and see/ride all the horses on your own.


We coordinate with the seller(s) and travel with you to see/ride all the horses.

The benefit of having either one of us travel with you to look at these horses is immense!  We have 50+ years of combined experience riding and training horses.  We have trained, ridden, and showed in many different disciplines, and can point out strengths and weaknesses in your potential partners.

The fee for hiring us as a buyer's agent is $1,000.  This will get you through steps 1-3 and to a list of options.


 If you would like one of us to travel with you to see the horses, we charge $500/day (travel expenses are covered by the buyer) (we do not charge this fee on the travel days, just the days we are actually with the horses).  We will coordinate with the seller(s), and try to fit/find as many horses as we can in that area.  We will evaluate the horse being ridden by the seller, ride them ourselves, and evaluate you riding them.  We will, of course, give our opinion throughout the whole process.

If you are interested in starting the process, please fill out this questionnaire and we will contact you to make sure we are a good fit to be your buyer's agent!

Seller's Agent

Selling horses can be very stressful!  Making sure your horse is ready to be sold, taking photos and videos, writing the ad, uploading it to all the websites, and that's all before 



Heeling 3 (1)_edited.jpg

2016 Gelding 15.1 h

Blue (5).png

Magic Blue Spark


2019 AQHA Mare 13.3 h

Left Side.jpg

Pretty Girl


2009 APHA Mare 15.2 h


AP Moskhato


2016 Anglo-Arab Gelding 16.1 h

Doc Saddled 1.jpg

Dunitdoc Windchester


2016 AQHA Gelding 14.1 h

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