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We give lessons in general horsemanship, ranch versatility, reined cow horse, jumping, western dressage, classical dressage, and roping.


We suggest that students buy a package of 10 lessons up front and use them within 12 weeks of purchase.  This equates to about a lesson a week.  In our experience, this has created enough consistency for the horse and rider to be able to get into a new way of being and build new habits.  We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, that's why it's 12 weeks, instead of 10.

In the beginning, our lessons don't have a time limit.  We are done when the horse and rider are in a better place.  Some lessons at the beginning of the package have lasted almost 2 hours...just depending on what the horse needs.  As the horse and rider become more comfortable with a new way of going, the lessons typically last about an hour.  We will also be giving "homework": exercises and tools for the rider to use when working with the horse at home.  That way the rider builds up a "tool-bag" of things to help their horse get more confidence and have good experiences.

All horsemanship lessons start on the ground with us, because we believe a lot of "bad" behaviors can be caught and put to rest on the ground while they are still small, before they become big problems.

We do our best to teach in a positive, uplifting manner that leaves both you and the horse feeling confident!  We don't like being yelled at or scolded, so we try not to teach that way.

Lessons: $75

School horses available! 

Depending on the rider and situation, we may be able to match up a horse for lessons.

Contact us to get started!

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