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Daniel and Sophia Harris of Versatile Equine

Where Horsemanship becomes Happy, Confident Performance

Versatile Equine

Daniel and Sophia Harris are horse trainers on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado.  With diverse backgrounds, they came together with a united vision: to help horses become happy, confident athletes both inside and outside the arena.  They believe that letting the horse choose to work with you, rather than making them work for you, goes a long way in building the trust and respect necessary for a solid relationship.

Whether they're showing, ranching, or roping, this dynamic duo is constantly learning from each and have discovered that, together, they can make a very versatile horse, hence the name: Versatile Equine

Meet the Crew

Daniel Harris of Versatile Equine
Daniel Harris
Sophia Harris of Versatile Equine
Sophia Harris
George, Manager of Versatile Equine
Lady, Assistant Manager of Versatile Equine

What We Do

Daniel Harris of Versatile Equine
Sophia Harris teaching a lesson at Versatile Equine
Image by Kari Shea
Sophia Harris teaching a clinic at Versatile Equine
Equine Bodywork and PEMF at Versatile Equine
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