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Daniel teaches young horses to have confidence in their job; creating soft, quiet horses that are suitable for a variety of disciplines.​

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  • Start young colts

    • Ground work, saddling, first rides, outside riding

  • Foundation of ranch work

    • Outside riding, exposure to cattle, learning to work a rope, branding

  • Foundation of heading/heeling

    • Working a sled, working a lead steer, comfort in the box, rate and position on a cow

Sophia progresses a young horse through foundation work for competition; creating a happy and confident performance partner.

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  • Foundation of Reined Cowhorse

    • reining maneuvers, softness at speedherd work, rate/position on a cow

  • Foundation of Dressage

    • soft self-carriage, balance, lateral work​, suppleness, straightness

  • Showing

We recommend an evaluation to see if our training style fits your needs.  During the evaluation, we will work with the horse and let you know what we see and feel.  Then all of us, horse included, can decide if this is the right fit.  Call us to schedule an appointment.

Training: $1,500/30 Days
(includes board and use of cattle)

We ask for a 4 month minimum commitment per horse

Evaluations: $200 (on-site only)

Horses work hard in our training barn.  They often need help feeling their best so they can keep performing their best.  Find out more about our Bodywork Package add on HERE

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